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Rebuilding the Website and Acquiring 2.5 Times More Traffic for Renaissance Insurance

Renaissance Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Russian market.
Starting Point
All traffic (brand+non-brand) — 35-45 000 visits from search per month per search engine.

Major share of traffic is branded. Paid traffic is less than 5% in Yandex and Google.
Companies with well-established brands reach up to 80-95% share of branded traffic. It is vital to highlight non-branded paid traffic in the reports to objectively evaluate the effectiveness of SEO. If an SEO contractor or agency reports traffic without segmentation, it is an excellent reason to ask why.
Yandex search queries in Top-10
Google search queries in Top-10
July 2021
Start Date
SEO, technical support
Ideal — to focus on form submissions, but their quantity is hard to predict.

We gathered the entire semantic core, researched seasonality, and prepared a forecast about non-branded traffic volumes.
Challenge. Multiplying the volume of non-branded traffic from year to year
August 2020 - July 2021
55 379 non-branded traffic visits
Starting Point
Choosing Strategy
We noticed that a significant share of traffic was acquired from high-volume queries

To improve rankings with high-volume queries, we can:
  • perform technical optimization;
  • improve the usability of pages and their relevance for users.

Average- and low-volume queries need processing
For these queries, we need new landing pages.
Approving the Strategy с Based on Priorities
  1. Designing landing pages
  2. Developing new pages
  3. Preventing technical errors from spoiling everything
In 2022 we cannot break website optimization down into PC requirements and usability. The page should be high-performing in all aspects.

It is important to make clients ready for global changes. Sometimes the website changes beyond recognition.

But we understand the client’s pain points. To avoid conversion disruption, we apply A/B testing.
Page mockup → Testing → Proved effectiveness → Elaborated on the rest of the pages
1. Designing Landing Pages: Should They Satisfy Users or Cheer the SEO Team Up?
«Mortgage Insurance» Page Example

Earlier the page was aiming at quick paid traffic conversion. It contained a brief description of the unique offer and a calculator.
We assessed competitors’ websites from the top of SERP: Alfa, Ingosstrakh, and Sberbank. Then we outlined the key elements missing from our landing page:

  1. Call to Action in the first block.
  2. Key advantages of the offer.
  3. Types of insurance coverage.
  4. Types of risks.
  5. Action plan in case of the insured event.
  6. FAQs.
  7. Reviews.

Created specifications and made up a new page.
To ensure that the new version does not affect paid traffic conversion, we added it to the A/B testing experiment.

Old version - 2,2%
New version - 2,2%

Thus, we preserved conversion rates, and at the same time, we improved search rankings and the volume of incoming organic traffic.
2. Building New Pages Based on Priorities
Why expand the structure?

Users often search for the services with general queries, such as 'travel insurance' and specifying particular countries and cities.

Including matching keywords on the main page of services is not practical. On top of SERP, we already have competitors with separate pages adapted for keywords mentioning countries and cities.
Sticking to this logic, we created a pool of product pages and expanded the structure of landing pages for existing services. It helped us improve the rankings and traffic volumes for average- and low–volume queries.
Overall we created
more than
600 new pages
and we’re still in progress
Traffic by queries, including country and city mentions, increased by 20 times after the landing pages launch: from 100 visits per month to 2000
Динамика трафика
Динамика позиций
3. Correcting Dreadful Technical Errors to Make the Work Fruitful
Technical optimization is a detailed website check by tens of criteria and timely monitoring of the popping-up issues, which reduce overall SEO performance.

We will not list everything, only some examples of the critical decisions and their consequences:

Regenerations of the Sitemap sitemap.xml
Since we’ve created many new pages, we needed to ensure that the search engines could index them quickly. Earlier new pages didn’t reach the sitemap. If this is not fixed, the effect of the structure expansion gets noticeably slower.

Ranking Improvement
Creating and integrating meta-tags, Title and Description, for all pages

Adding blocks of internal linking

Manual image optimization
Creating navigating landing pages (to increase the number of internal links to high-volume traffic pages) - These include all service pages and vendor pages.

Increasing Clickability
We set up all possible markup types to improve snippet clickability: breadcrumbs, FAQs, instructions, and Product.
Results: 2.5 times more non-branded traffic
Project Manager
To get substantial SEO performance, you must be ready for website changes, even the most radical ones. Today, you must do more than just put meta-tags, write SEO-friendly texts and edit headlines. We recommend our clients focus on how users search for your products and services and aim at adapting website structure and content to queries.
Anastasia Kislitsyna
0 → 38%
of queries in Top-10
62 → 24
Average Position
20 → 60%
of queries in Top-10
42 → 14
Average Position
Growth in key conversions from non-branded traffic
July 2021 - July 2022 Dynamics Growth
136 368 visits
Non-branded traffic
August 2021 - July 2022
55 379 visits
Non-branded traffic
August 2020 - July 2021
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